Can I expedite my order?

Probably not. Our manufacturer has temporarily disabled shipping upgrades. 

Can I customize an item?
Possibly! We can sometimes change the item (t-shirt, hoodie, etc.) that our designs are printed on. We may need to charge a design fee depending on the customization or change in base product.

I have short/long legs, can you change the length of my leggings/dress?

No, sorry! These items are only available in the sizes listed.

Can you make this in kids/adult sizes?

Possibly! We have yet to find a manufacturer for kids dresses, but we can make leggings and shirts in all sizes!

Are your items true to size?

Yes!! If an item doesn't run true to size, we try to mention it in the product description. Please note that due to the custom nature of our apparel, there may be up to a 1-inch discrepancy in finished product size. 

What's the difference between "hourglass" and "muscle"?

We're glad you asked! The Adventure Effect strives to be an inclusive space, and these are the nonbinary terms that we've created to describe certain cuts. "Hourglass" shirts feature a fitted top, tapered waist, and shorter sleeves. "Muscle" shirts are either unisex or designed to fit broader shoulders and a straighter form.

What's the differecne between "traditional" and "yoga" leggings? 

We offer two types of leggings. A few of our products are available in both of these styles! Both of these styles are suitable for running and fitness, but our yoga leggings feature reinforced seams and are popular for marathons. Yoga leggings feature a broader waistband with a pocket suitable for holding card and keys.